Technical cardboard

Technical cardboard, also called carton, has been used since the year 1683. It was first used for commercial purposes by Kellog brothers, who used it as a packaging material for their products.

Nowadays technical cardboard is used for production of endless variety of product we use on common basis in everyday life without even realising it (office file folders, product packaging, furniture, pads etc.). Technical cardboard is also used in many different fields of industry, especially in electro-technical industry, where it is used as a crucial part of transformers, for example. Thanks to many years of experience from working in Fassmann paper-mill, we are able to meet various needs of our customers and we are able to react flexibly to their requests. In addition to delivering cardboard as a semi-product, we are also able to deliver final products, especially office file folders from coloured/graphic cardboard, segments or blanks from other materials offered.

elektroizolační lepenka

Electric insulation cardboard - presspahn

Electric insulation cardboard is used for insulation of electric conductors in motors, transformers and other electrical appliances. For this purpose the manufactured sheets are cut to appropriate strips, are bent and inserted into electric engine grooves. They are also used for production of coil frames and insulation for transformers and they can also be modified into various other required shapes.

Kancelářské složky

Office folders

Based on individual request from the customer, we are able to manufacture wide range of office folders and binders, pads, notebooks etc. The whole assortment of folders is manufactured from coloured cardboard material.

Techlep – technical cardboard

Following termination of production in paper-mill Fassmann, company Techlep was founded, which supplied the market with many of the products formerly produced by the closed down paper-mill.

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